Type of Case:   Workers’ Compensation

Legal Issue or Dispute:   Denial of claim for a work-related low back injury and surgery

Facts:   Our client worked for a mid-sized employer in northern Minnesota.  Her job involved assembly and the operation of various machines. She was on her feet throughout most of a work shift, standing on a concrete floor.  Her job duties involved a lot of bending, twisting and lifting, although she wasn’t lifting particularly heavy weights.  She developed the gradual onset of low back pain with her work activities and eventually started to have pain going down her leg.

The claim was completely denied by the employer and its workers’ compensation insurer, because she had never had a specific injury to her back while at work.  Our client was forced to undergo surgery and missed time from work.  Fortunately, she had medical insurance to pay for the surgery, but no coverage for wage loss.  We gathered her medical records, reviewed her medical history and filed a claim on her behalf.  Our claim was for a Gillette injury, which means that her daily work activities gradually led to the development of back problems and need for surgery. (These claims are  referred to as Gillette injuries,  in reference to a landmark 1960 Minnesota case, Gillette v. Harold, Inc,  which established that work injuries may occur as a result of   repetitive or cumulative minor trauma brought about by the performance of ordinary job duties.)

Result:   The case was settled at a settlement conference before trial.  The insurance company agreed to accept the claim and pay our client’s lost wages, medical mileage and outstanding medical bills.  The insurance company also agreed to reimburse the health insurance company and to pay all future claims related to her low back condition.  Best of all, our client was able to return to work at her regular job and at full wage within her work restrictions.

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