Type of Case: Workers’ Compensation

Legal Issue or Dispute: All benefits discontinued based upon insurance company’s independent medical exam (IME)

Facts: Our client was seriously injured when she fell at work. There was no question that her injury occurred at work and the claim was accepted by the work comp insurance company and they paid wage loss and medical benefits. Unfortunately, our client continued to experience ongoing symptoms including neck pain and headaches which prevented her from returning to work. She underwent a variety of tests and treatment and all of her treating doctors believed that she was seriously injured and they all continued to recommend work restrictions and additional treatment. Not one of her physicians ever suggested that she was faking or exaggerating her symptoms.

The work comp insurance company exercised its right to get an “independent” medical exam, also referred to as an IME. The IME doctor was an orthopedic surgeon who spent less than 20 minutes examining our client and then wrote a report in which he claimed that she had only suffered a temporary neck sprain and that she no longer needed any work restrictions or medical treatment. On the basis of that report, the work comp insurance company discontinued all of our client’s benefits, even though she was unable to return to her full-time work and still needed medical care.

Result: The case went to trial before a work comp judge in Duluth where we presented our client’s claim as supported by her testimony, the medical records and a very good report from her treating physician. The judge disregarded the insurer’s IME report and ruled in our client’s favor, ordering the insurance company to reinstate all benefits. The judge also ordered the insurance company to reimburse our client for a portion of the attorney fees as a penalty.

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