There is a little good news to report on the Minnesota workers’ compensation scene. While suffering an injury on the job is never a good thing, the state legislature has passed a few laws which increase benefits for Minnesota workers injured on or after 10/1/2018.

Temporary Partial Disability benefits (TPD):  These are partial wage loss benefits paid to someone injured on the job who is earning less than his or her preinjury wage as a result of the work injury. The maximum number of weekly benefits available has been increased from 225 to 275 weeks.

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Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): This is compensation paid to someone who has suffered a ratable, permanent impairment under the workers’ compensation disability schedules. The table used to calculate these benefits has been changed to provide for higher payments.

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Permanent Total Disability (PTD) retirement presumption: The presumed retirement (and cessation of benefits) at age 67 has been eliminated and benefits now will cease at age 72. This is for injured workers who have been declared permanently and totally disabled as a result of their injuries.

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While these changes do not dramatically affect claims for Minnesota injured workers, every little bit helps and a person injured on or after October 1 will now be eligible for these additional benefits.

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