TYPE OF CASE:  Worker’s Compensation

FACTS:   Our client had been receiving Social Security disability benefits for a number of years and could only work very limited hours. She also had a history of neck problems, including an MRI which showed a herniated cervical disc before she began working at the job where we claimed she was injured. The job was part-time and involved some limited housekeeping and cleaning but did require a significant amount of bending, twisting, looking up and down. Over the course of several months doing this job, her neck symptoms worsened and she ultimately required neck surgery.

The claim was denied completely from the outset and the work comp insurer never paid any money or accepted liability for the claim. They sent our client to an adverse medical exam and their doctor stated that her neck problems were pre-existing and unrelated to her work activities.

We eventually obtained our own medical opinion which supported the claim that her work activities had substantially and permanently aggravated the pre-existing neck condition. We also obtained an opinion from a vocational expert that our client was not employable.

RESULT:  The parties agreed to schedule a mediation before trial and at the mediation the claim was settled for a sum in excess of $125,000. In addition, the work comp insurer negotiated and paid all of the outstanding medical bills and also settled any claims by Medicare for reimbursement.

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