For anyone new to the work comp system, it seems there are always more questions than answers. If you haven’t been through the system, it’s all new and can be very confusing. A frequent question we hear is “does my employer have to provide modified work within my doctor’s restrictions following a work injury?”

The short answer is no. Unless you have an employment contract dealing with this issue, the employer is not required to provide light duty work. How can this be fair?

If you have an accepted work injury your claim will be handled under Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws and your benefits will be paid by the work comp insurer. Let’s say you have injured your shoulder at work and the claim is accepted. If you miss time from work as a result of the shoulder injury, you will be entitled to wage loss benefits (see this earlier post dealing with the type of wage loss benefits generally available).

If your doctor has given you restrictions such as “no overhead work” or “no lifting more than 25 pounds” with your injured arm, the employer will have to decide whether they can accommodate those restrictions. Some employers will provide light duty work that an employee can do within those restrictions, often without any wage loss. Other employers simply may not have “light duty” work available and the injured employee continues to receive work comp wage loss benefits until he or she is able to return to the preinjury job.

Other benefits available

In addition to wage loss benefits, an injured employee is also entitled to payment of all related medical expenses, including mileage. Also, vocational rehabilitation benefits may be available including assignment of a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) to assist you with your return to work and helping manage your medical treatment.

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