We frequently receive telephone calls from people who have an attorney in Duluth or the Twin Cities but have realized that traveling 100 or 150 miles for a meeting with a lawyer is inconvenient and expensive. Or, their lawyer is in a big, busy law firm and doesn’t return their calls.

I understand that someone may have referred you to a lawyer or law firm in another city or maybe you found a law firm online and they had good reviews. There are many very good workers’ compensation lawyers in Minnesota – but if experience and convenience is important to you, you don’t need to travel that far.

Attorney Steve Bradt has been representing injured workers here in northern Minnesota since 1983. His practice is limited exclusively to workers’ compensation matters and he has extensive experience in all types of claims and against all types of employers and insurers.

These are some of the reasons that people contact our law firm after a work injury:

-The claim has been denied and they need a lawyer to fight the insurance company;

-The claim has been accepted but the work comp insurer has denied a request for a particular medical test or surgery;

-The claim has been going on for several months and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere;

-The insurance company does not respond to phone calls or questions about wage loss benefits, medical mileage or unpaid medical bills;

-It just seems like the insurance company is not treating the injured worker fairly;

-The insurance company wants to settle the case and the injured worker has no idea what a fair value might be.

There are many other reasons why people contact our office, but these are probably the most common. If any of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, please don’t hesitate to contact Steve Bradt anytime for a completely free consultation. The consultation may be over the phone or you can schedule a meeting at our office. Either way, you will get our honest advice and honest answers to your questions. What you will not get, is a bill for the consultation. The only way we get paid in a work comp case is if we recover disputed benefits for a client. That’s not just our policy, that’s also the law in Minnesota.

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